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Massage Belt

Massage Belt

Say hello👋🏻to a more comfortable period by getting your Massage Belt today!

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😴Gives Better Sleep!

🔥Reduces Period Pains!

🤰🏻Best For After Pregnancy!

🌱Rechargeable and Reusable (1 year )

Shipping📦 is free for orders above ₹5000!

How it works!

Introducing the Massage Belt™ – a game-changer for women during their menstrual cycle. With NTC temperature control, it provides consistent warmth to ease cramps. Three vibration modes aid muscle relaxation. Rechargeable, user-friendly, and portable, it's the essential companion for comfort. Say goodbye to discomfort, hello to a better cycle!🩷

Procedure to Use!

Step 1: Charging Your Belt

  • Ensure your Abdominal Massage Belt is fully charged before use. Connect the USB cable to the charging port (located on the side of the belt) and plug it into a 5V power source. The LED indicator will glow during charging and turn off when the belt is fully charged.

Step 2: Powering On and Off

  • To power on your Abdominal Massage Belt, press and hold the power button for 2-3 seconds until the LED indicator lights up. To power off the belt, repeat the same process, holding the power button until the LED indicator turns off.

Step 3: Selecting Temperature Settings

  • The Abdominal Massage Belt offers three temperature settings: 50°C, 55°C, and 60°C. Press the temperature control button to cycle through the options and select the desired level of warmth for your comfort.

Step 4: Choosing Vibration Modes

  • Explore the three vibration modes to find the one that suits you best. Press the vibration mode button to toggle between the options, adjusting the intensity according to your preference.

Step 5: Wearing the Belt

  • Position the Abdominal Massage Belt around your abdomen, securing it in place using the adjustable Velcro strap. The thickened ABS and velvet fabric ensure a comfortable fit. Make sure the belt covers the lower abdomen area where you typically experience discomfort during your menstrual cycle.

Step 6: Enjoying Relief

  • Once your Abdominal Massage Belt is securely in place, activate the chosen temperature and vibration settings. Allow the belt to work its magic as it provides consistent warmth and gentle vibrations, easing cramps and promoting muscle relaxation. Wear the belt for the recommended duration to experience the full benefits.


  • Embrace the technological advantage of the Abdominal Massage Belt and bid farewell to monthly discomfort. With its user-friendly design and remarkable features, this belt is your essential companion during your menstrual cycle. Say hello to a more comfortable period by getting your Abdominal Massage Belt today!


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Refund Policy!

Try our new Massage Belt™ is risk free.

If you don't get the right product according to our Return & Refund Policy we will simply give you a full Refund. If you have any issue on it we will replace you a new product.

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Experience a PainLess Future!

Bid farewell to monthly discomfort and welcome a new era of ease – Experience the Massage Belt yourself today!

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World Wide Over 20K+🩷 Happy Customers!

Find Relief From Discomforts!

Approachable belt for women seeking comfort during monthly cycle. NTC intelligent temperature control for soothing warmth.

Breakdown of Body Fat!

Stimulate thermogenesis in targeted areas with Abdominal Massage Belt. Controlled heat promotes blood flow and accelerates metabolism for fat breakdown.

Travel Friendly!

A perfect travel buddy, the Abdominal Massage Belt provides on-the-go comfort with its compact size and USB cable charging capability.

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  • Explore the positive experiences!

  •  Really Good for Pelvic Pain Usage!

    "For fast relief from dysmenorrhea and menstrual cramps, this sleek, compact product is a must-have. It's effective, easy to use, and has 3 temperature levels to suit your needs. Charge it once, and it works for 48 hours!"- Asha Seth

  •  Best product for menstrual pain relief!

    "This product is the best for pain relief. It's an electric heating pad that quickly heats up in 3 seconds. Fully charge it and use it for quick pain relief anytime. It's fast and efficient!"- Deepa B.

  • Happy wife, happy life!

    "Product doesn't removed entirely her cramps. Also consider that her cramps are really strong, above average. But they do help reduce tremendously the pain as it vibrates and heat at the same time. Her words were that using both modes, vibration and heating really help with the pain.!"- Nicolas

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