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Revolutionary solution for women seeking comfort and relief during their monthly cycle.

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Find Relief From Discomforts!

Approachable belt for women seeking comfort during monthly cycle. NTC intelligent temperature control for soothing warmth.

Breakdown of Body Fat!

Stimulate thermogenesis in targeted areas with Abdominal Massage Belt. Controlled heat promotes blood flow and accelerates metabolism for fat breakdown.

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Travel Friendly!

A perfect travel buddy, the Abdominal Massage Belt provides on-the-go comfort with its compact size and USB cable charging capability.

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  •  Really Good for Pelvic Pain Usage!

    "For fast relief from dysmenorrhea and menstrual cramps, this sleek, compact product is a must-have. It's effective, easy to use, and has 3 temperature levels to suit your needs. Charge it once, and it works for 48 hours!"- Asha Seth

  •  Best product for menstrual pain relief!

    "This product is the best for pain relief. It's an electric heating pad that quickly heats up in 3 seconds. Fully charge it and use it for quick pain relief anytime. It's fast and efficient!"- Deepa B.

  • Happy wife, happy life!

    "Product doesn't removed entirely her cramps. Also consider that her cramps are really strong, above average. But they do help reduce tremendously the pain as it vibrates and heat at the same time. Her words were that using both modes, vibration and heating really help with the pain.!"- Nicolas

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In an effort to reduce our impact on the planet, Massage Belt is made by reusable mechanism.

We continue to look for solutions to drive sustainability without compromising on quality.

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